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Parlimen ku, Parlimen Jerlun

Disebabkan pilihanraya dah dekat jadi aku pon termasuk jugakla dalam mood pilihanraya..

Jerlun Parlimen sebelum nie di pegang oleh UMNO (Man Pin), aku tak suka mamat Man Pin nie. Ada la kes sikit antara aku ngan dia..
jadik bila aku dengar Mukhriz Mahathir yang bertanding, aku suka laa.. terasa cam nak balik ngundi ja…

Sedikit Info pasal mukhriz.



Mukhriz Mahathir

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mukhriz_Mahathir

Datuk Mukhriz bin Tun Mahathir (born November 1964) is the third son and fifth child of former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. He held various posts of several business firms, which include Opcom Holdings, Kosmo Tech as well as the Malaysian Franchise Association. He is also the executive director of Perdana Peace Global Organisation.

In 2004, he won the election of the Umno Youth exco by garnering the highest number of votes and was subsequently appointed to the post. He was also seen as a potential candidate for being the deputy chief of UMNO Youth’s wing, but he later withdrew. Mukhriz’s older brother, Mokhzani, had also played an active role in UMNO’s politics.

Mukhriz was noted for his continuous efforts in speaking for his father in the events of the rift between Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and his father. In 2006, Mukhriz won the election of UMNO’s Kubang Pasu division, coming in fifth. Mukhriz defended his father, who had lost in the same election he took part, by saying that there is a plan to topple him. Mukhriz drew flak from sections of UMNO after he commented on Prime Minister Abdullah’s speech that he was a “little bit” disappointed and that it offered nothing new. He later apologised for his remarks.

Malaysia General Election 2008 will saw Mukhriz will be contesting in Jerlun Parliment Seat (P005).Before this he offer himself to contest in Langkawi Parmilent Seat but have been rejected by 85 out of 91 UMNO branches in Langkawi. But later many of Langkawi leaders backup him. For Jerlun UMNO division they are welcome Mukhriz to contest in their Parliment seat and promise to give him full support in this election

Mukhriz is married with three children. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Malaysian cancer vaccine company, Bioven

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Kenduri Bayan (Senawang)


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With the demand of mobility increasing, CAD can now be done on handheld and easily edited anywhere / anytime.

But is it worth it?

Let see at the cost, GiveMePower, one of the main players in Handheld CAD solution is actually quite expensive.

PowerCad CE Pro 595.00
Autocad 2009 2695.00

Bear in mind, the handheld version, even though cheaper is not as powerful as the autocad2008 as it’s actually limited to 2D design only.


Pening.. need to print out conclusion by today.

Continue later..

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When you double-click a Microsoft Excel workbook (.xls file or .xlsx file) in Microsoft Windows Explorer, Excel does not open the file, and you may receive the following error message:

Cannot find the file ‘path‘ (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available.

In Window Vista, when you double-click an Excel workbook, Excel does not open the file, and you may receive the following error message:

Windows cannot find ‘FilePath\FileName‘, Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Excel may actually open, but the file will not open. If Excel is already running, a second instance of Excel may start.


This problem may occur if the Ignore other applications setting in Excel is selected.


To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

1. In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Excel Options.
2. Click Advanced, and then click to clear the Ignore other applications check box in the General area.
3. Click OK.
1. In Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or earlier versions of Excel click Options, on the Tools menu.
2. Click the General tab.
3. Click to clear the Ignore other applications check box, and then click OK.
After you do this, you should be able to open workbooks by double-clicking them in Windows Explorer.


When you double-click an Excel workbook in Windows Explorer, a dynamic data exchange (DDE) message is sent to Excel, instructing it to open the workbook that you double-clicked.

If the Ignore other applications setting is selected, Excel ignores DDE messages sent to it by other programs. As a result, the DDE message sent to Excel by Windows Explorer is ignored, and Excel does not open the workbook that you double-clicked.

source : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/211494

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If youv’e got a couple of programs open, dont you find it annoying when the programs form a group in your taskbar?
Like so-

If so, you can stop this happening by –

1. Right-Click on the Taskbar

2. Go to Properties, and Uncheck the Group Similar Taskbar Buttons box.

But if you are one of these people who like the programs to from a group, check the box.

Source : http://www.tutorialized.com/view/tutorial/Ungroup-Similar-Taskbar-Buttons/11543

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The Malay Dilemma.. again

I dont like politics, it is full of lies and manipulation…

I never vote.. everrr.. i dont vote because i couldnt figure out what does it means..

so..to all my malay friends.. here is a song for you all..


Anak kecil main api
Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
Air mata darah bercampur keringat
Bumi dipijak milik orang
Nenek moyang kaya raya
Tergadai seluruh harta benda
Akibat sengketa sesamalah kita
Cinta lenyap di arus zaman
Indahnya bumi kita ini
Warisan berkurun lamanya
Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
Peribumi merintih sendiri
Kita rumpun bangsa Melayu
Menganut agama yang suci
Semangat bangsa berlandaskan Islam
Teras capai kemerdekaan
Masa depan sungguh kelam
Kan lenyap peristiwa semalam
Tertutuplah hati terkunci mati
Maruah peribadi dah hilang
Kini kita cuma tinggal kuasa
Yang akan menentukan bangsa
Bersatulah hati, bersama berbakti
Pulih kembali harga diri
Kita sudah tiada masa
Bangunlah dengan gagah perkasa
Janganlah terlalai teruskan usaha
Melayu kan gagah di nusantara

Even though this is a propaganda song.. take it positively..

look deep into our heart.. what is more important..

selamat mengundi…

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Aliya Nafisa…


I never posted my baby girl before.. she is 14month by the way..

daddy’s girl…


Born 1st november 2006 2:40pm


another one on the way, should be end of august…

dont know wether its a girl or a boy yet..

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